Tuesday, January 01, 2002


Now, then... I was chatting with a fellow Springer fan on AIM when Springer came on, so I asked if she'd like to participate in the notes... she said yes!

So here are tonight's Springer Notes, guest-starring Millie! ((Her website is HOLASCOPE.)) I am PeleStardust.


PeleStardust: JERRY JERRY JERRY...
PeleStardust: Hehe:)
PeleStardust: I'd like to be one of the people who carry the cords around for the camera guys...
PeleStardust: "Shocking Stories"
PeleStardust: Jerry's in all black. He looks good all in black:)
kottori: neat
PeleStardust: Jerry: [shaking peoples' hands] Thank you, thank you... ah, well, that's all the time we have for tonight, goodbye. Audience: [laughs]
PeleStardust: EWwwwww, it's Taralisa!!
kottori: who's taralisa?!?!?
PeleStardust: Oh I can't stand her...
kottori: lol
PeleStardust: She has sex with food.
kottori: ohhh i know who she is?
PeleStardust: SpringerCam, Taralisa's in this grocery store putting meat all over herself... and something green.
kottori: she looks like a lesbo!
kottori: ew
PeleStardust: She seems fake. Her face is totally emotionless...
PeleStardust: Hey, don't insult dykes, Taralisa's disgusting;)
kottori: hahaha
PeleStardust: SpringerCam, Taralisa: [grabbing peoples' ankles] OHHHHH! HAVE SEX WITH MEEEE!
PeleStardust: SpringerCam, Guy: You are disgusting, I *will not* have sex with you!
kottori: errrr, a lil horny eh?
kottori: lol
PeleStardust: She's iiiicky!
PeleStardust: The grocery store manager is calling the police;)
kottori: no doubt
kottori: is she all covered in food?
kottori: good
PeleStardust: Yes. Ewww.
PeleStardust: Back on stage now... she just threw her wig at the audience.
kottori: lmao
kottori: damn, i can't believe im missing this
PeleStardust: Jerry: Why did you do that? Taralisa: Huh? Jerry: Why did you do that? Taralisa: Why, why, why? Why did I do that? Because, because... I have, have a fffetish.
PeleStardust: When is Springer on there?
kottori: the taralisa's fetish sucks
PeleStardust: A guy in the audience is hiding behind his hands;)
PeleStardust: ::grins and nods, echoing:: Taralisa's fetish sucks...
kottori: at 12m
PeleStardust: Ahh.
kottori: i would just hide
kottori: run if i could
PeleStardust: Hehe. Run backstage and apply for a job to carry the cords around.
kottori: yes, yes-yes indeed
PeleStardust: ::laughs::
kottori: get away from taralisa
kottori: but why is taralisa there? why is her story shocking?
kottori: its disgusting
PeleStardust: There's a commercial on for one of those... learn-by-mail places... private investigator and veterinary assistant and such. I should call them and ask why they don't offer degrees in mortuary science.
PeleStardust: She's gonna tell her husband. He'll probably be shocked;)
PeleStardust: Taralisa's better than the guy who likes to throw up on his partner, though:\
kottori: she's married?
kottori: i saw that one too
PeleStardust: Well, boyfriend maybe. I didn't catch which one Jerry said. He'll say again...
kottori: taralisa was on an island show was she?
PeleStardust: Yeah, she was.
PeleStardust: She tried to have sex with cooked lobsters.
PeleStardust: She kept saying, "Looobsterrrr, have seeex with meeee!!"
kottori: yeah she had something with the poor chickens too
kottori: poor lil animals they get killed t end up with her
PeleStardust: Jerry: Welcome back, we've been talking with Taralisa, here... even on our show, Taralisa pushes the limits...
PeleStardust: Yeah;)
PeleStardust: Ah, he's a boyfriend.
PeleStardust: She says she started when she was 16, with bananananas.
kottori: ooo ok
PeleStardust: (I added the extra nananana's;)
kottori: eewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
kottori: lmao
kottori: its still disgusting to think what she did with em o_O
PeleStardust: Neil is the boyfriend. Guys named Neil shouldn't have to deal with Taralisa.
PeleStardust: Yeah;)
kottori: no guy should deal with her
PeleStardust: Taralisa: I couldn't tell you at home cos I knew you'd freak out. Neil: So you brought me to Jerry Springer to tell me!
PeleStardust: Yeah, poor guys.
kottori: taralisa's true love are the bananananas
PeleStardust: ::laughs:: Yeah, she should stick to the food and leave the poor guys alone.
kottori: yeah most defitnely
PeleStardust: She should find another food fetishist and leave poor Neil alone.
kottori: yeah stick to the bananananas
PeleStardust: What? Why is Neil defending her against the audience??
PeleStardust: Neil must've told the audience to go home. Jerry said, "In fairness, they paid a lot of money for these tickets..." ;) The tickets are free;)
kottori: errr, he's in co-hoots with her
kottori: lmao hahaha
kottori: jerry! jerry! jerry!
PeleStardust: Ewwwwwwww... she took off her dress and she's got meat duct-taped to her... all over her body...
PeleStardust: ::laughs:: She's chasing Todd. Someone save Todd!
kottori: O_O
PeleStardust: Yeah! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!
kottori: oh my
PeleStardust: ::laughs hysterically at the blog's tracker:: Someone got here with the search string "I Kissed my Aunt's Feet"... http://google.yahoo.com/bin/query?p=I+Kissed+my+Aunt%27s+Feet&hc=0&hs=0
PeleStardust: Heyyy, someone searched "jerry springer notes"! Rockon! http://search.yahoo.com/bin/search?p=jerry+springer+notes
kottori: errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
kottori: thats a good excuse to get into springer ya know?
PeleStardust: ::gigglers:: Yeah:>
PeleStardust: I wonder if I could get on by telling them I'm the Springer Notes Girl;)
kottori: maybeeeeeeeeee!
kottori: your extra famous!
PeleStardust: They could do a show about the people who maintain Springer sites... show their favourite clips. They did that once with their assistant producers.
kottori: you can write to jerry about it!
PeleStardust: I should! Hmm. I think I will. At the next commercial.
PeleStardust: [---story change, thank god---]
PeleStardust: Genia? Kenia? Some such name.
kottori: yes
PeleStardust: She thinks her bf is sleeping with her best friend.
kottori: i can see she has alot of trust in him ...
PeleStardust: Ah, her name is Kennia.
PeleStardust: ::laughs and quotes Jerry:: "There's no trust on the Springer show!"
kottori: how's that pronounced?
kottori: lol
PeleStardust: Keh-NEE-uh.
PeleStardust: Tyree, the bf.
PeleStardust: Tiffany, the best friend.
PeleStardust: Tyree says he *is* sleeping with Tiffany. Of course.
kottori: she's of color isin't she?
PeleStardust: Yes.
kottori: guessed it
PeleStardust: Ha! Kennia: You wanna be with me? Tyree: Yes. Kennia: I tell you what, if you wanna be with me, get on your knees and BEG!
PeleStardust: He's doing it! Hehehe.
kottori: wait a min! thats not shocking!
PeleStardust: She's making him crawl to her;)
kottori: lmao
kottori: yeeeeees revenge!
PeleStardust: Kennia: I wanna hear you bark like a dog! Tyree: [barks really stupidly] Kennia: [makes a face] Bark! Bark! Tyree: [barks better]
PeleStardust: She's making him pray to God to take him back:p
kottori: lol, that is pathetic
kottori: poor guy
PeleStardust: Richard! Richard's sitting back at his brick thing, he's so so so cool. ::hugs Richard::
PeleStardust: The audience made Tyree lick Kennia's feet;)
PeleStardust: Why would he want her back if she's making him do all that?
kottori: richard ain;t making sounds?
PeleStardust: Ha, now she's not even taking him back.
PeleStardust: No:(
kottori: exactly
kottori: yea! thats what i like to see
PeleStardust: I'd ask Richard to let me make the sounds:)
kottori: (hey, he cheated on her)
kottori: lmao
PeleStardust: Now here's the best friend, Tiffany. She and Kennia are screaming at eachother.
kottori: catfight!
PeleStardust: Tiffany: [to Tyree] You wanna be with me! Tyree: No I don't! Tiffany: You wanna be with me! Tyree: NO I DON'T!
PeleStardust: They didn't fight:( Just yelled.
kottori: i hate it when they get persistant
PeleStardust: There have already been 88 hits to the blog, today. In the past two and a half hours.
kottori: wow!
PeleStardust: ::runs to jerryspringer.com and wonders how she should pitch the story to them::
kottori: 88 hits? i don't get that in a month!
PeleStardust: I wonder how many of the 88 actually stayed and read something...
PeleStardust: Put 'jerry springer' as a search string on your page, it might work;)
kottori: i was one :)
kottori: i was there awhile ago
PeleStardust: ::smikles::
kottori: lol okay
PeleStardust: Thank you:)
PeleStardust: [---story change---]
kottori: ok
PeleStardust: Rene is is sleeping with her brother.
PeleStardust: Audience is not happy...
kottori: yea right!
kottori: hehehehe. the audience rocks
PeleStardust: Jerry: I suppose you have a good reason for this? Rene: He's always been there for me... Jerry: Well, good! That makes him a good brother, you don't *screw* him!
PeleStardust: Jerry: You're not supposed to sleep with a blood relative! Rene: Well, Jerry, that's your own opinion...
PeleStardust: ::nods:: The audience rocks:)
kottori: jerry is always trying to put some reason into his guests ....
kottori: oh jerry!
PeleStardust: It never works;)
kottori: lol, yea
PeleStardust: Rene's slutty-looking cousin... Raquel, I think Jerry said, is yelling at Rene.
PeleStardust: ::yells at Raquel:: Hey! Kentucky isn't a hot-seat of incest! Ew.
kottori: lmao
kottori: haha
PeleStardust: Well really:p I don't know any people who are sleeping with family members:p
PeleStardust: Here's the brother... I didn't catch his name.
kottori: thats rerally sick to sleep with one's brother
PeleStardust: Jerry: [to the brother] You realize you just ruined your life, by telling the world you're sleeping with your sister?
kottori: he hasn't ruined his life!
kottori: jerry is being a drama-king
PeleStardust: Jerry can be a drama qu--er, king... if he wants;)
PeleStardust: He's Jerry! :)
kottori: jerry is god
PeleStardust: Hehehehe.
PeleStardust: [---story change---]
PeleStardust: Emily has kickass mouse-ear hair.
kottori: whats mouse-ear hair?
PeleStardust: Her hair's styled in two little buns, they look like mouse-ears;)
kottori: ooooooooooooooooh
kottori: i know what you mean
PeleStardust: She's been cheating on her bf and wants to break it off with the other guy.
PeleStardust: Yeah:) I like that hair.
kottori: .... that ain't shocking either ... >_<
PeleStardust: Marc, the bf.
PeleStardust: No:\
PeleStardust: B, the other guy.
kottori: marc ? my bf is named mark !
PeleStardust: ::bursts out laughing:: B and Marc are sleeping together!
kottori: what a disgrace!
PeleStardust: At least your bf isn't silly enough to spell his name with a C;)
kottori: yes, thank you
PeleStardust: Aww, poor Emily. She can come home with me.
kottori: how did mouse-ear girl took it?
kottori: awwww
PeleStardust: She's shocked;)
kottori: thats a shocker
kottori: lmao
PeleStardust: ::peers at what she's trying to write to send to the Springer fanmail thing:: Okay, how's this sound?

Jerry Springer Show People--

I maintain the Jerry Springer Show Notes [http:jerryspringer.blogspot.com].

I have an idea for a show--a clip show, like the Steve's Corner episode of the assistant producers' favourite clips...

You should do that with people who maintain major fan sites! It'd be lots of fun.

Coco Lennon
PeleStardust: Er, "http://"
kottori: thats sounds nice, short and straight to the point
PeleStardust: Thanks:) Okee, I'll send it.
PeleStardust: [---Q&A---]
kottori: cool
PeleStardust: ::rolls her eyes at Taralisa:: Oh, sit *down.*
kottori: lol, she's still around?
PeleStardust: Dave's holding one of her steaks;p
PeleStardust: Yeah, for the question & answer.
kottori: lol
PeleStardust: Audience woman: Thank god for Prozac.
PeleStardust: Taralisa says she's an artist:p
kottori: having sex with food on tv should be made ilegal or something
kottori: eeeeeeeeeeeeh?
PeleStardust: Taralisa: I've studied psychology, I know about Sigmund Freud! Jerry: Yeah, he was on our show Thursday!
PeleStardust: She's throwing her meat into the audience:p
PeleStardust: Yeah, it should. Ew.
kottori: lmao
kottori: ewwww, poor audience people!
PeleStardust: Jerry: [points at a piece of meat on the floor] One of your sex toys is here...
kottori: hahahaha
kottori: jerry! jerry! jerry!
PeleStardust: Audience woman: [to Taralisa] If you throw any more meat out here, I'm gonna come up there and tenderize you.

::laughs hysterically::
kottori: hehehehe! that just proves once again, the audience rocks
PeleStardust: ::grins:: The audience is very cool.
kottori: shes not a whore or a btich, she's a freak!
PeleStardust: She's a food slut! Heheheh.
PeleStardust: A food freak slut!
kottori: hahaha! she gives me the creeps
PeleStardust: Me too.
PeleStardust: I wonder why the blog gets the most hits on Tuesday.
PeleStardust: [---Final Thought---]
kottori: tuesday?
kottori: hmmm
PeleStardust: On Tuesdays, rather. Plural Tuesdays.
PeleStardust: Jerry: None of us are exactly the same in front of everybody.
PeleStardust: "Till next time, take care of yourself... aand eachother."
PeleStardust: [---Dave walking down hall with Taralisa---]
kottori: yey!
kottori: poor dave
PeleStardust: He was hitting on her;p
kottori: oh my
PeleStardust: Thus ends tonight's notes. Hehe.