Monday, September 17, 2001

Jules Asner has linked to this blog. She's a E! news person, it seems. Very cool. Thanks, Jules! I wonder if she mentioned this blog on-air?

Someone found this blog by searching "dallas car show" on Netscape search.

Getting hits from Sweden, Malaysia, the UK, Portugal, and the US Military. Hiya, people.

Got a very strange entry to the guestbook--someone who says she's Sunshine from "Shameful Showdowns", July 13 in my archives. She says she'll be on the show again. If she truly is Sunshine, would she like to do a guest blogging spot? Give me some exclusive, behind-the-scenes notes, for the previous show and the future one? If so, she can contact me at

I'm reading through the July 13 entry, and I would like to say that I make these notes quickly, during the show, and I don't proof-read.
According to the tracker; strange Yahoo! search string that led to this blog: "Sunday night sex show"
I've changed the blog template; I hope it looks better now.

The tracker says I'm getting hits from Sri Lanka, Brazil, and Hong Kong. Wow. Hi, people from Sri Lanka, Brazil, and Hong Kong.

Sunday, September 16, 2001

I've added a tracker; it's that little graphic at the very very top of the page.

Through the tracker, I've learned that people are finding this page not only through normal searches such as "jerry springer", but also the Australian Yahoo! directory for The Jerry Springer Show, and search strings such as "when a man call you a bitch". Hmmm.